Faculty of Law, Charles University and EDLE are seeking for PhD candidates

Faculty of Law, Charles University and EDLE are seeking for PhD candidates


Faculty of Law, Charles University, 
together with
the European Doctorate in Law & Economics
are seeking PhD candidates with a research focus on:

1. Conflict and Post-conflict Studies (Prof. Veronika Bílková)
2. Experiments on Contract Design or Law and Technology (Dr. Sven Hoeppner)
3. Legal Framework for Deployment of Nuclear Power Plants in Central Europe (Prof. Jakub Handrlica)
4. Experiments on Discrimination or Disparities in Judicial Decisions (Doc. Josef Montag)


  • Strong candidates can be awarded scholarships up to 32000 CZK (subject to funds availability).
  • Candidates must apply and be admitted to both doctoral programs EDLE and Faculty of Law, Charles University, and are required to pursue both programs.
  • The degree is awarded upon successful dissertation defense by both programs under a Cotuttelle agreement.
  • Candidates are invited to informally consult their dissertation topics with the respective supervisor and should indicate their preferred dissertation topic and supervisor in the application documents.
  • Projects envisaging publications in top-quality WoS journals will have a preference in the selection process.
  • Candidates may be required to perform research assistance work related to their advisor’s research projects.
  • For deadlines and details see www.edle-phd.eu and www.prf.cuni.cz/en/phd-in-english.

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